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Morzine - Nyon

Nyon Webcam

Picture shows view over part of Morzine with Avoriaz via the Prodain lift up the valley to the left. Lac du Mine d'Or is straight ahead then bear left before Nyon. Ski and snowboard runs from the Nyon plateau and back from Les Gets can be seen. More webcams below >

Nyon Webcam

Mont Blanc is visible from a number of the higher points in the area. Parapentes regularly take off from Super Morzine on the mountain above and behind the camera - a parapente landing ground is just opposite, under the tree line. Better views of the Pleney ski slopes can be seen from our other web camera. You can see the slalom slope leading to the lift station from that webcam.

  The History

Since the 1920s, Morzine has been a tourist destination for diplomats based in Geneva and in 1934, with the launch of the Pleney cable car, Morzine's reputation for sliding on snow, in all its forms, grew.
Ski (downhill or cross-country) sleigh or sledge, skating and snowboarding have all increased in popularity over the years.
Work on Avoriaz was started in the 1960s by Jean Vuarnet and led to the formation of Les Portes du Soleil, a huge linked system connecting resorts in France and Switzerland.

These cameras open in a new tab:

Morzine Tourist Office

Camera sited on the Morzine Office de Tourisme building.

Avoriaz Centre

from Avoriaz Tourist Office


Avoriaz l'Antares 

from Avoriaz Tourist Office

Avoriaz Amara

from Avoriaz Tourist Office

These cameras open in a new tab:

Les Gets Ranfoilly

Les Gets - Ranfoilly

Camera sited at the top of the Ranfoilly lift 

Golf Les Gets

Golf Les Gets 

from Golf - Les Gets

Les Gets - Perrieres


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