Shocked by Three's price increases for PAYG SIMs? Increasing the cost of calls x3 and the cost of text and data by FIVE TIMES is outrageous in the middle of a pandemic when people are relying on their mobile connections more than ever
As a result I have been looking into alternatives and I think that I have found something that is great value for those, like me, who don't need to spend £10 - £30 a month, but use a bit of data, make a couple of calls and a few texts. No contract too.
I have ordered my SIM and will report back here when I have tried it out. If it is good, I will post links to their current best offers.
Update: SIM arrived next day! Runs on EE's network so good coverage.
Current deal: Get £5 bonus added to your credit when you activate the SIM if you use this link.
Calls are only 1p a minute, texts 1p, data 1p per Mb!!

Transparency: I will get a credit bonus if you stay with the company for a period. You will need a minimum top up either every three months or yearly, but it works out a just £2.50 a month so less than any contract I have found.

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