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Summer Walks around Morzine

There are dozens of well-marked walks in and around Morzine. Through the forest, across open fields, by the Dranse, spectacular views - all are close by. Maps are available from the tourist office.

Here are a selection that I personally experienced in Summer 2001.

1. Dranse valley - Palais des Sports to La Plagnette and back.

Park outside the Palais des Sports and cross the footbridge towards the Super Morzine Télécabine. Turn right and begin marked walk.

Stay on West side of the river past Pont des Dérèches and follow until you reach another bridge. At this point (pont?) you can cross the river and return on the East side or continue a little for refreshment in the hotel at Pont des Plagnettes.

Some wild strawberries and raspberries. Easy walking - gentle gradients. 2 hours approx.

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2. Circuit of Lac de Montriond via Cascade d'Ardent, forest route.

Park at the west end of the lake (plenty of parking). Walk a short way along the road, past the souvenir shop, and enter the forest following the signs. You now climb solidly for about half an hour, initially on a vehicle track. The only possibly confusing junction occurs about a third of the way up where there is a fork in the path. The right hand (lower) path goes to some buildings - take the left hand, steeper option. When you finally reach a mountain pasture and some buildings (Le Latay Dessous) you have reached the high point of the climb at 1274 metres. The next section is mostly downhill untill you reach a junction near les Albertans. Choose the Ardent direction, climb the vehicle track for a while then take the path off to the right (signposted). You will climb slowly to about 1250m before descending to the Cascade.

Cross the waterfall via the bridge provided. Stop and go 'Ooh' and 'Aah' as appropriate. Follow the main path down towards the lake.

Soon after you pass the first camp area on your right you should see a sign for 'Lac de Montriond par le forêt' as you reach some buildings. You need good walking boots for this bit - all the stuff you will be crossing fell from the cliffs at some stage in the past so you will meet a variety of earth rocks and boulders, cross streams and get great views of a waterfall coming down from the cliffs. Eventually you take a turning that leads back down to the west end of the lake (if the weather is good you will hear the sound of people at the bathing pool). This winds down to the lake and when you get near you may see many small frogs leaping around in the bushes!

Approx 3hrs walk. Some long climbs at start and awkward stuff on the return. Occasional strawberries throughout.

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3. Les Udrezants towards Prodain - forest loop.

Start the walk at the parapente landing site under Pointe de Ressachaux. Follow the path up to the forest edge and the signpost. This is quite hard work! Turn left and follow the path which runs parallel to the Prodains road. When you come to a junction follow 'L'Acquy'. This section starts with a climb. Just past the hut at L'Acquy take the right turn to 'Morzinette' but take the left turn NOT to Morzinette at the next junction. Follow until you meet a vehicle track and take it down until a path back to L'Acquy leaves to the left. Take this path back to the hut then your original path back to the starting point. If you want to do a bit more continue in the forest beyond the start point and on to Crepet. When you reach the road turn right to go towards Morzine centre.

Forest walk some climbs with max 300m above start. Raspberries at furthest point. 2½ - 3 hrs.

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4. Morzine - Cascade de Nyon - Le Grand Pré - Pléney - Morzine

A long one (5 - 6 hours)!

Starting in Morzine, follow the Dranse south towards Nyon then take the right turn to the Cascade. Go up by the side of the waterfall then cross the bridge at the top. Follow the path right around the hill to a junction - take the right turn into an open field. Follow this path across and then up the hill until you pass under a chairlift. There is a footbridge to your right, a wide grass field coming down the mountain to your left (a red run in winter) and a narrower one ahead (the blue run). Take the narrower one until you reach a road (the D354) - with suitable diversions through the forest if the farmers have blocked your route! A little way up the road there is a turn to the left - ignore it and go straight on then right to the chairlift stations at Le Grand Pré. A good place for a refreshment stop!

From the lift stations / snack bar walk to the farm buildings then up between them towards the forest. You should see a vehicle track heading straight across to the forest edge and then up the hill diagonally right. The track will eventually lead you to an open field up the mountain to your left. This you have to climb!! The reward is a bank of wild strawberries if you take the right hand route halfway up... Finally you will come to a well used track at the top of the ridge (you may need to cross a low wire fence if you have arrived at an "unofficial" meeting point). Turn right and follow the track up to the main Pléney ridge and the borders of the golf course. After passing a restaurant you can find a right fork leading down the mountain towards Attray. This track will lead you down through the forest then round a field to a few buildings and the bottom of a chairlift. The little cafe/bar here has a limited menu (mostly crêpes!) but is the best value on the mountain... so a good place for a second refreshment stop.

After resting, follow the track between the buildings to a fairly steep descent through the trees down to the meadows above Morzine. When you come out of the trees and meet another path turn left and across the meadows, eventually leading to the main Pléney lift station.

Long (5 - 6 hrs), some fairly steep sections not shaded by trees. Strawberries only in one spot - but it is a good one!

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5. L'Érigné - Bô Morand - Chalets de Cuidé

Drive past Nyon towards the Lac des Mines d'Or. Park at a wide section of road used by cross-country skiers to park in winter. You should see a footpath sign pointing to the right - ignore it, you will come back that way!

Follow the main road up, across a bridge and through Le Pas. Continue until you find a signposted footpath/vehicle track off to you right as the road bends to the left. This is just after a bar/restuarant with a large car park and great views of the valley to Morzine, also off to your right.

Take the track into the forest and up the mountain. It will climb steeply up towards Vigny and bring you out eventually into a pasture (and maybe a herd of cows...). Here you will find a right turn leading up and around the ridge. Follow this up and back into the forest. In the next valley you will again come out into pasture and see the little chalet at Bô Morand. Go through the gate (close it behind you!), rest and take in the view.

When you have recovered, exit via the upper gate and follow the track to Cuidé. This climbs a little before turning right and taking you around the valley and down to the Chalets. Yellow paint on rocks marks the route. Cows and horses sometimes roam freely here so the path may be a bit cut up in places... Once you reach the Chalets there is a clear vehicle track leading down the valley. You may even see your parked car before you get too far down into the trees! Nearer the bottom of the track there is some denser forest and you may spot myrtilles growing on the banks of the road. After you pass through a few houses there is a right turn to make, near to the main road, that leads you back to your parked car.

Mostly vehicle tracks (some steep). 3½ - 4 hrs. Some strawberries, myrtilles.

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